Girls Varsity Swimming · Girls Break Records at Sectional Prelims

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The Trailblazers swam a fantastic meet on Thursday evening– almost every time was either a season or all-time best.

The purpose of Thursday’s meet was to qualify for Sectional Finals, and many Trailblazers moved up in the rankings and earned a spot to swim.

Kicking off in the medley relay, Charlotte Kumler went a season-best (and her third-ever best) backstroke (33.01), Caitlin Clark followed with her season-best (and second-ever best) breaststroke (37.03), Audrey Priest dove in after with a best 50 fly (32.9), and Madison Clary rounded us off with a best 50 free split (28.86). Their overall time of 2:11.80 is the school’s second-best of all time and placed them at the top of the B-Final (9th).

Kate Lautenbach was our first 200 freestyler, and she dropped a casual 10 seconds to go 2:52.16. Additionally, Kate Lautenbach went out a best 100 free time in the event (1:23.86– like 7 seconds faster than her best). Stasia Reinholt was in the next heat, and she dropped four whole seconds to 2:37.88. Charlotte Kumler was in the heat after, and she swam a well-paced 2:11.38, a season-best, and good enough to qualify her in 14th for finals.

Regan Hooker rocked her 200 IM, going a 2:39.84, a season-best by 3 seconds, and she qualified for finals with 15th place. Kylar Kavanaugh dropped almost eight seconds to go 2:35.28, which helped her qualify in 13th. Caitlin Clark swam a wonderful best time of 2:45.84, but, unfortunately, she was DQed, which was devastating.

Annie Klemsz and Macy Paton kicked off our 50 freestyles, and Macy Paton went a season-best time of 30.83. Zoe Napier was a few heats later, and she dropped another half-second to go 30.56.

We made UHS history in the 100 fly as it will be the first time that all three swimmers from UHS in any one event qualified to swim at finals! Regan Hooker and Kylar Kavanaugh were in heat one; Regan Hooker went a season-best time of 1:15.53 to qualify in 14th while Kylar Kavanaugh dropped 3 seconds to go 1:15.70 and qualify as 15th. In the next heat, Audrey Priest dropped about a second to go 1:14.65 and qualify as 12th.

100 free had some fun moments! In heat one, Jaclyn Copeland took hers out with a best 50 free time (33.16) and brought it home to go 1:10.42– a stunning 8 second drop. In the next heat, Macy Paton went a best 100 free individual time of 1:10.19. A few heats later, Madison Clary dropped another second to go 1:07.29.

In the 500 free, Charlotte Kumler went a season-best time of 5:53.27 and qualified for finals with 12th place. Not long after, and with a very tough double, Audrey Priest dropped 9 seconds to go 6:31.11. Of additional note here, Audrey Priest’s 100 split (1:10.20) and 200 split (2:29.50) were also best times.

Madison Clary took out the 200 free relay with a best flat-start 50 free time of 30.48, followed by Kylar Kavanaugh’s best relay split of 29.19, and then Zoe Napier continued the trend with her best relay split of 30.86, and Regan Hooker brought it home with an impressive 29.44. Their overall time of 1:59.97 was the first time that the girl’s team has broken 2:00 and a NEW SCHOOL RECORD!!! They qualified for finals with 9th place.

In backstroke, Kate Lautenbach and Annie Klemsz had solid showings in heat 1– Annie Klemsz dropped a smidge of time down to 2:04.38. A few heats later, Zoe Napier dropped two whole seconds to go 1:18.68!!

We finished off the individual events with a trio of best times in the 100 breast. In heat one, Jaclyn Copeland dropped 4 seconds to go 1:28.05 and Stasia Reinholt dropped three to go 1:25.89. Later, Caitlin Clark dropped a second to go 1:23.82.

The final event of the meet– the 400 free relay– boasted four best times. Charlotte Kumler went 1:00.97, which broke the school relay split record. Additionally, Charlotte Kumler’s first 50 time of 28.81 was a best 50 free relay split for her. Though the times were a bit messed up, our best estimations of Madison Clary’s 100 free was in the mid-1:05 range, so either way, it was a best time by a few seconds! Kylar Kavanaugh took us home with a 1:03.83– almost three seconds faster than her previous best. With the help of Regan Hooker, the girls set a NEW SCHOOL RECORD of 4:16.58 and qualified for the A-final in 7th place!

The girls who qualified will swim again on Thursday to earn points.