Boys Varsity Swimming · Blazers Swim Fast at Sectional Prelims

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The Trailblazers had the preliminary session of their sectional swim meet on Thursday evening, and many of them posted season or all-time best times. To qualify for finals, one had to place 16th or better.

Our 200 medley relay kicked us off with season-best splits from Keegan Priest (24.95) and Cordell Wilson (25.90) and best times from Austin Clark (31.70) and Hayden Suarez-Davis (23.78)! Their final time has them seated 5th going into finals.

Gordon Bradley sliced 5 seconds off his 200 free (2:23.20), and even went a best time in the 100 free (1:08.91). Foster Wilson also kicked off his 200 free with a best time in the 50 free (30.60).

Andrew Laramore had a fantastic 200 IM, dropping six seconds to go 2:28.71.

In the 50 free, Mitch Wray tore off two seconds to go 32.27. Charlie Dahle swam just on his best time for his second-best time ever (28.53).

After a couple of goggle snafus, Keegan Priest went a season-best in the 100 fly (53.03) to make it into that final heat with 3rd place. In the heat after, Cordell Wilson dropped a second from his best to go 57.54, which placed him right outside that top-heat at 9th.

With another goggle snafu, Mitch Wray stayed right on his best time in the 100 free (1:19.19). Charlie Dahle dropped over four seconds to go 1:03.06! Hayden Suarez-Davis also took off time to go 53.39 and earn 12th place seed.

The Wilson brothers took on the first heat of the 500! Cordell hit a best time of 5:54.24. In the heat afterward, Andrew Laramore dropped 10 seconds to go 6:00.40. On the way, he also hit a best 200 free time of 2:17.95. Cordell and Andrew will be in the B-final with their seeds at 14th and 16th respectively.

Our 200 free relay included season-best times from Austin Clark (26.13- flat start) and Cordell Wilson (26.32, which was also very close to his best free split ever). Hayden Suarez-Davis’s 24.47 would have also been a season-best if it weren’t for his split in the medley relay earlier in the meet. Andrew Laramore’s split of 26.33 was an all-time best! The boys are in the top of the B-final with 9th place.

Keegan Priest went a season-best time of 53.08, which earned him the top-seed going into finals! Gordon Bradley swam in the same heat and dropped two seconds to go 1:10.70! Unfortunately, Gordon Bradley is right outside of swimming at finals with his 17th place.

Austin Clark dropped over two seconds in his 100 breast to go 1:12.11 and sneak into finals with 16th place!

We ended the meet with season-best times from Hayden Suarez-Davis (54.14), Austin Clark (58.70), and Keegan Priest (51.16). Andrew Laramore’s take-out of 59.71 was his second-best flat-start time ever. The boys will be in the A-final with their 8th place finish.