Boys Varsity Swimming, Girls Varsity Swimming · Swim Team Celebrates Senior Night at IU Natatorium

The University High School swim team celebrated their six senior swimmers — Ari Atlas, Ethan Bandick, Coghlin Kumler, Meredith Malott, Christian Moore, and Cole Reinholt — at the annual “Schools Without Pools” meet at the IU Natatorium on Tuesday.

Coach Syd Lindblom offered up the following highlights of the meet:

Top 12 scored in each event, so that means points were earned by the following:

  • Zoe Napier, Caitlin Clark, Macy Paton, and Stasia Reinholt in the medley relay (12th)
  • Gordon Bradley, Ari Atlas, Andrew Laramore, and Ethan Bandick in the medley relay (11th)
  • Roy Raz, who won both the 200 free with a time of 1:50.72 and the 500 free with 5:06.12
  • Cole Reinholt in the 200 IM (8th- 2:26.16) and 100 breast (6th- 1:10.05)
  • Austin Clark in the 50 (11th- 26.27) and the 100 (12th- 58.61)
  • Coghlin Kumler in the 50 (12th- 26.29)
  • Charlotte Kumler in the 500 (2nd- 5:48.61) and 100 back (9th- 1:12.09)
  • Ella Eskenazi in the 500 (12th- 6:52.90)
  • Roy Raz, Cole Reinholt, Austin Clark, and Coghlin Kumler in the 200 free relay (4th) and again in the 400 free relay (4th)
  • Charlotte Kumler, Ella Eskenazi, Macy Paton, and Stasia Reinholt in the 400 free relay (9th)

Additionally, there were plenty of other best times and landmarks set!

  • Gordon Bradley dropped 3 seconds on his backstroke relay lead off (37.26)
  • Stasia Reinholt dropped .3 in her 200 free (2:41.58).
  • Coghlin Kumler swam the 200 free for the first time and knocked it out of the park! However, he may have had too much energy for the last 50… (2:16.67).
  • Annie Klemsz also swam the 200 for the first time and is really starting to get the hang of flipturns (3:37.81).
  • Meredith Malott dropped slightly less than two seconds in her 50 (43.33)
  • Annie Klemsz dropped .3 in her 50 (36.11).
  • All of the boys who swam the 50 went a best time:
    • Eli Beheler and Gordon Bradley haven’t swum the 50 as an individual event in a while, but since their last time swimming it, Eli dropped three seconds (34.70) and Gordon dropped about 6 (32.26).
    • Christian Moore dropped over a second (34.03)
    • Ethan Bandick dropped another half a second (29.44)
    • Ari Atlas dropped .4 and is now below 28! (27.8)
    • Coghlin Kumler dropped another .75 and is now below 27! (26.29)
    • Austin Clark dropped .01 from his sectional swim from last year, even not feeling great! (26.27)
  • Meredith Malott dropped over a second in the 100 (1:38.27).
  • Ethan Bandick dropped a whopping 5 seconds in his 100, nailing every flipturn on the way (1:07.51).
  • Austin Clark dropped over half a second in his 100! (58.61)
  • Ella Eskenazi finally broke the 7:00 barrier! She dropped 9 seconds by taking some risks and trusting herself (6:52.70).
  • Charlotte Kumler dropped 8 seconds from her UHS best in the 500, which means she set her own record again (5:48.19)! If you didn’t get to see this race– it was a tight one and fun to watch.
  • Andrew Laramore swam a fantastic race to also break the 7:00 barrier, dropping a crazy 32 seconds (6:33.23). He can now swim this at sectionals!
    • Andrew’s 200 free split in this race was a 2:31.67– a whole second faster than his best 200 free time.
  • Believe it or not, but this was the first time Roy Raz swam a 50 free flat start for UHS. He went a 24.74 leading off the 200 free relay.
  • Coghlin Kumler also dropped .4 from his 50 free relay split (26.02).
  • Christian Moore dropped 2 seconds in his 100 back (1:39.57).
  • Andrew Laramore swam the 100 breast for the first time and went a solid 1:24.84.
  • Coghlin Kumler dropped over 2 seconds from his 100 free relay split. We were pretty psyched when he went a 1:00 the other week, but tonight he went a 57.86, so I guess that’s okay.
  • Austin Clark also dropped almost a second in his 100 relay split, going 56.60.

Congratulations to these Trailblazers!

The girls will compete in the Zionsville sectional this week, on Thursday, Jan. 31 and Saturday, Feb. 2. The boys will compete in the Lawrence North sectional on Thursday, Feb. 14 and Saturday, Feb. 16.